The Most Extreme Hollywood Celebrity Transformations

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Believe it or not, starring in a movie for a celebrity is a gamble of life and death, especially for Hollywood movies. This is not about the dangerous shooting process, but about the appearance that must be adapted to the roles they play.

For some of these celebrities, a change in hairstyle and acting skills alone is not enough. However, totality while changing their appearance to the extreme was what they needed to do.

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Extreme Transformations for Movies

When we start talking about the extreme transformations of Hollywood celebrities, it seems that you already have an idea of ​​which celebrities will be on the list.

However, we will take you to see the extreme transformations of 6 Hollywood celebrities in their roles in films.

1. Christian Bale

If you previously guessed Christian Bale, congratulations you are right. Bale has repeatedly made extreme transformations on his body to play in films. Even before that nothing had changed drastically it seemed.

In the film The Machinist (2004), Bale dropped from 180 pounds to 120 pounds to play Trevor Reznik, a factory worker with anorexia and insomnia. To lose weight, Bale only ate tuna and apples.

Then he transformed again for the film The Dark Night (2008) by gaining weight and muscle mass. The weight he gained when he became Batman was 100 kg. Imagine his extreme transformation after starring in The Machinist.

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2. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is known for his iconic role as the god of thunder, Thor. In the film Thor (2011), Hemsworth undergoes a remarkable transformation by adding 20 pounds of muscle mass.

To successfully play the god of thunder, he consumes large amounts of protein, fibrous vegetables, and carbohydrates in fruits. Of course balanced with daily exercises, such as boxing, surfing, and rugby.

Then, Chris Hemsworth had to lose about 6-7 kg back for his role in In The Heart of The Sea (2015) to look like a starving person.

3. Matt Damon

In this list, we cannot miss Matt Damon in his extreme transformation for the film Courage Under Fire (1996) as a medic in the war drama. He had to go on a diet to lose weight, which was originally 86 kg to only 63 kg.

Then, while playing in the film The Informant (2004), Damon required himself to gain 14 kg of weight. According to his statement, gaining weight was easier than losing weight which required him to exercise more and could only eat chicken breast.

4. Will Smith

Still, remember his epic role in the film Ali (2001)? We know that in his role as Ali, Will Smith looks like a real heavyweight boxer. To be able to have this body shape, Smith must increase his weight by 16 kg from 84 kg and 190 cm in height.

The process is not easy. Smith had to go to the gym 5 days a week for 6 hours, and he did that for a year before finally succeeding in playing Ali.

5. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has always had interesting roles in the various films she has starred in. However, what was in the spotlight and received praise from the public was his role in the film Les Miserables (2012). For her role in the film, Hathaway lost 11 kg, plus 7 kg during the two weeks before filming began.

The results are simply stunning. Anne Hathaway managed to appear well in the film Les Miserables which was offset by her cool acting. What’s more interesting is, he did all of that on his own, not at the request of the director, Tom Hooper.

6. Natalie Portman

Black Swan (2010) became an extraordinary film with Natalie Portman in the main role as Nina Sayers, the ballet dancer. This artist worked hard to lose 9 kg. In the process, Portman had to practice ballet 16 hours every day and there were days when she refrained from eating.

Not stopping at Black Swan, Natalie Portman again underwent an extreme transformation by having a muscular body in the film Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). For his role as Mighty Thor, he had to gain muscle mass by training for 10 months.

The brave actions of the Hollywood celebrities on the list above deserve appreciation and praise. Not all celebrities are capable of extreme body transformations for a role in a film.

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