10 Celebrities Won Red Carpets in 2023

Various prestigious award events have been held throughout early 2023. Call it the Oscar, Grammy Award, and BAFTA Awards. It was then that world celebrities poured in showing their best clothes while passing through the red carpet.

Understandably, during prestigious events, that’s the right time for celebrities to show themselves as the best in front of many people. Of course, what we are talking about right now is the best outfit among them.

The celebrities present will show their classy, ​​graceful, and elegant selves. Some male celebrities may appear in formal suits, but some of them dare to put a bold touch on their outfits.

Then, who are the celebrities who hold the title of the owner of the best dress on the 2023 red carpet? We will provide 10 celebrity lists for you.

10 Best-Dressed Celebrities on the Red Carpet 2023

Last year, we certainly didn’t forget the spectacular appearance of Kim Kardashian who appeared in a Marilyn Monroe dress, and all the controversy at the Met Gala 2023.

For this year, we have to wait and see who will wear the best dress at the Met Gala. While waiting for the event to be held on May 1, we will remember the best celebrity dresses on the Red Carpet earlier this year 2023.

1. Rihanna

The pop superstar stole the show at the Oscars 2023 in an outfit from Alaïa, which pushed off of a dark brown leather bra and layered maxi skirt set, complete with a stunning sheer mesh turtleneck top.

Not to mention the design of the bottom dress in the form of a unique skirt with an open line on the side of the thigh and a long dress tail. Jewelry from Moussaieff High Jewelry and high-heeled strappy shoes were luxurious accessories.

2. Anya Taylor-Joy

This talented celebrity can be said to often get the title of the best-dressed celebrity on the red carpet of prestigious world-level events.

This time, Anya Taylor-Joy managed to steal the show on the red carpet at the BAFTA Awards 2023. The artist wore a dress from the latest Couture from the Schiaparelli fashion house. The velvet material of the dress she wore made her look classic and elegant.

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3. Harry Styles

Harry Styles won the best-dressed celebrity at the Grammy Awards 2023 because he wore a dress that was very different from the majority of other male celebrities.

As one of the performers, Harry Styles wore a low-neck jumpsuit studded with Swarovski crystals that showed a bird and butterfly tattoo on his chest.

4. Ana De Armas

The artist who had an unforgettable role in the film Blonde as Marilyn Monroe managed to impress on the Red Carpet Oscar 2023. She wore a nude Louis Vuitton gown studded with tiny gems that glistened all over.

According to the role she played, the design of the dress was inspired by the Marilyn Monroe dress worn by Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala 2022.

5. Cate Blanchett

A two-time Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett once again proved that she is still stunning in her old dress from Louis Vuitton at Oscar 2023.

The design of the gown was a baby blue plush velvet top with high padding around the shoulders. Her appearance was more elegant with her subordinates in the form of a long and slim black skirt.

6. Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh graced the BAFTA Awards 2023 by wearing an orange dress designed by Nina Ricci by Harris Reed. The tulle dress is said to be the most daring dress of the event.

The details in the form of a statement look on the chest and mermaid tail make Pugh’s look so bold. Not to mention that her hairdo is made super sleek with super short edgy bangs.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wore a sparkling two-piece midnight-blue dress. Her outfit is a long sleeve crop top combined with a full skirt. To make her look more perfect at the Grammy Awards 2023, she wore doorknocker-style earrings from Lorraine Schwartz and red lipstick.

8. Cardi B

Cardi B wore a blue dress by Gaurav Gupta SS23 Couture. Having details on the upper body makes Cardi B’s style the main highlight at the Grammy Awards 2023.

9. Michael B. Jordan

The Creed III star exuded his sexy aura by looking neat in a tuxedo with a double-breasted Louis Vuitton satin collar at Oscars 2023. The all-black outfit was given a lively touch with a large jewel brooch from Tiffany & Co.

Each of the brooches was made of a pink and green morganite stone which was attached to the collar as if a bird had perched on his chest.

10. Anitta

Anitta was amazed at the Grammy Awards 2023. This singer from Brazil came wearing a Versace dress which had to flow ruffled train details and leather details on the body dress. The see-through accent adds to its attractive appearance.

Those are the 10 celebrity outfits that claim to be the best on the red carpet in 2023. We look forward to seeing other stunning celebrity looks at the next big event.

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