Why We Love Celebrity Gossip

Try to remember when did we start diligently following the gossip of the artists? From television shows that our mothers also watch or from magazines or tabloids that we used to read a lot?

The history of why news is not only about law and politics but also from the world of entertainment comes from a Hungarian composer named Franz Liszt in the 1800s. He is a talented musician who is so admired by many that even his fans want to know more about the places he frequents and who he spends his time with.

Why We Care So Much About Celebrity Gossip

In general, the desire to know things never goes away and that’s why celebrity gossip is a combination of the two things that most people look for, name popularity and bad news.

A researcher in evolutionary biology from the University of Michigan says that the human desire to know about the activities of people who have high social status is something common and a tactic that helps us live all year round.

Not all celebrity gossip is cheap because it only relies on settings, but this is the reason why we are interested in following celebrity gossip.

The Desire to be A Celebrity

One of the things that make us really like celebrity gossip is, that we subconsciously want to be like them. subconsciously our brain wants the role of a star and indeed this is what makes us always really like things that smell of celebrity gossip because it gives us the urge to be like them.

But on the other hand, this desire can be disastrous because some people misinterpret their desires by acting as if they are celebrities.

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Most People Really Like Bad News

Humans tend to prefer bad news, and this is human nature. They tend to like bad news because then humans can feel better than others. This is what causes many of us to like celebrity gossip because that’s what it is. Spurs us to feel better and quench our thirst as humans, who tend to like bad news.


This celebrity gossip is an escape for those who feel bored with their daily lives. This makes gossip a fantasy world for them and makes gossip an escape that allows them to escape from their world.

This makes humans like gossip because then they can let go of all kinds of problems, and of course, they can also become obsessed with it. That’s what makes humans really like bad news and gossip because it makes addiction.

It’s a Natural Human Habit

In a 2015 study published in Social Neuroscience, scientists looked at the brain imaging of men and women when they heard positive and negative gossip about themselves, their friends, and celebrities.

People who hear gossip — good and bad — about themselves, as well as negative gossip in general, show more activity in their brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is key to our ability to navigate complex social behavior.

This activity indicates the subject responds to gossip and insight. The authors say this is related to the human desire to be seen in a positive light by others and fit in socially, regardless of whether this reflects how we feel.


Diverting their attention from the saturation of the household (I can understand this one. Picking up and sometimes judging the problems of outsiders can sometimes be a great distraction rather than having to face problems in plain sight).


It’s just a hobby (cheapest, especially for housewives, the important thing is that there is electricity so the TV can turn on. If you forget to buy a token, just say hello to the infotainment. Most of them get emotional when the news is exciting and the electricity suddenly goes out).


It’s eye-catching if by chance it’s an actor or singer they think is handsome. (Sometimes I get confused when I hear things like this, even though I wash my eyes too what if it’s not my husband who sees it? Maybe I’m a bit conservative in this matter, who knows).

Most of those who diligently participate in such events have a great curiosity that must be satisfied with something (perhaps even some can be directed to become detectives because they are so curious about other people’s business).

It’s just that curiosity in this case tends to be balanced with a judgmental mindset, and not the objectivity needed to think because these programs are indeed made subjective to draw ratings, and many viewers of these shows are willing to just go with the flow according to the wishes of the producing channels. The event concerned.

As a result of the lack of objectivity when participating in events like this, in the end, some of the audience can bully artists who happen to be involved in skewed news without them knowing the truth (even though they don’t know them personally).

Another effect is that, because they watch news about infidelity too often, many of these mothers tend to become suspicious of their husbands if they happen to come home late, or have to go out of town because of work, etc. Even when their husbands don’t answer the phone for a while it makes some of them angry.

Gossip for some people is a means to find a way out of various kinds of life problems that they have, by enjoying the problems that other people have. Of course, this is a natural thing that is currently happening in the modern world.

Gossip is something to look forward to and there are lots of events which in the end always provide the latest gossip, of course, this is the best meal for those who are bored with their current life.

That’s why we care so much about celebrity gossip. If you want to find the latest gossip and news, you might like to visit AceShowbiz which is a site that can provide you with lots of hot gossips, from around the world and of course you will always get the latest gossip.

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