Why book me as your wedding photographer?

Why book me as your wedding photographer?

I love what I do.

I absolutely love photographing weddings I really do. I think when you meet me you will spot this. I would never tire of watching couples get married. Its just the most wonderful job in the world.

I will meet you!

Before you book me, lets meet. Lets have a coffee – i’ll buy! We can settle in and talk through your vision of your wedding day. I like to take the time to get to know you as a couple and find out things like why you have chosen your venue. I also bring my albums so its a good time for you to have a flick through a real wedding from start to finish.

I will meet you AGAIN!

I’d love to meet you again. Ideally around 3 months before your wedding date to walk the grounds of your wedding venue and hear more about your timings. I am happy to meet you as many times as you want me too.

I don’t charge for travel.

I love to travel and I don’t charge so please do get in touch.

I offer you a complementary pre wedding shoot.

When a pre wedding shoot is booked on a Monday through to Friday there is no cost for the session. I believe that pre wedding shoots are important. They are a dry run at the photography without any pressure. It gives you an insight into how I work and can often take away some of the the worry ahead of your special day. Again its a lovely opportunity to get to know you better.

autumn wedding at Billesley Manor Hotel

I help your wedding run on time.

I have been shooting weddings for many years now and I have gained a great deal of experience of how weddings run. I work hard to make sure the photography doesn’t take too long. I would never want you to get to the point of being fed up. Im also careful not to take you too far away or for too long. Its about you mingling with your guests after all!

I am just nice and lovely.

Its hard to convey this without meeting you. Even harder for me to type this or say it out loud but I really want you to know that I’m just a very lovely, genuine, and kind hearted.

I am the sort of person who will help you do your dress up on your wedding day if others with longer more beautiful nails are struggling. I will fill my car with your guests if someone is stranded. I will get my shoes wet right at the start of the day for a killer shot. I will carry your drink, wedding flowers and camera kit so you can concentrate on your dress hem and walking. I will stay on the day for as long as you want me too on the wedding day.

Great with Kids

As a mother I get kids, I really do. They are hilarious, demanding, fun, stroppy, utterly unscripted and need feeding fairly regularly. So I know to work quickly with children and to make it fun. Usually with kids I’ll shoot them for a little bit, leave them alone and come back and find what mischief they are up to later on. I defiantly capture them before any mud, chocolate fountain disasters or grass stains might happen!

cheltenham wedding photographer

I help you buy an album

I give you a £50 credit towards your album after the wedding day. You can come back a year after the wedding and beyond for an album. I understand the financial pressure a wedding can cause and that initially an album may not be a priority. But heres a tip – your first anniversary is paper, why not say it with an album.

I deliver a USB stick after the wedding.

I think its really important for you to have something tangible after your wedding day. Rather than send you a link to the images, I will post you a wooden gift boxed USB stick. The images are also available in a password protected gallery, a slideshow and a link to the images can also be provided.

I can be your family photographer.

Lets stay in touch, I love hearing how my couples are getting on.

Just so you know I can capture your family as its grows. I can also photograph you on your wedding anniversary, family get togethers or birthdays.

Family portraits Gloucestershire

If you would like to meet or have a chat about your wedding day please get in touch here.